The Most Absurd Trip In The World

A Briton, Mark Buaili, will take one of the most absurd trips in the world. Such an unusual feat the strange man is ready to perform it without any costs. The extreme tourist having no money only hopes for the solidarity of those people whom he will meet and who will shelter and will feed him with warm hospitality.

The traveler Mark Buaili, 28 years old, born in Bristol in the west of England, previously an entrepreneur, decided to take an absurd trip during which he won’t use trains, planes, motor ships, and automobiles. The Englishman is ready to make a walking tour, with the extent of 14 500 kilometers, which will begin from his native town of Bristol and will finish in a seaport of Porbandar, in the west of India.

Walking 25 – 75 kilometers per day Mark will cross on foot France, Italy, Eastern Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and hopes to achieve his goal in 2.5 years.

The most important things, which Mark will take, are: a compass, a good knife, a spoon, a medicine chest. He will travel without any cash in hand: he won’t have a bank account, any bank cards or cheques.

The tourist told in an interview on the BBC radio: “I won’t touch any money during my tour. I am starting over new today.”

The traveler calls his tour a pilgrimage, which has a philosophical sense, promoting the old times, when people helped each other without s self-interest and the doors of many houses were never closed. “My mother and father always remember with pride those times when in Ireland people helped each other in harvest and other work, without asking any money” – he told. “But now they are amazed that even neighbors don’t know each other and all doors are always closed. My travel will prove that the society has a chance to come back to the epoch when all people were much kinder, more sociable and more humane”, – added Mark Buaili, who is worrying about the hospitality of Europeans rather than that of Asians.