Travel to Turkey and Visit the Ancient World

Turkey isn’t a country that everyone thinks of when they think of Greek and Roman Ruins, but indeed, they should. Turkey is filled with more ruins than either Greece or Italy! In fact the ancient Greeks and Romans both had capitals in Turkey and it also contains some of the most significant biblical remains in the world.

Those who are familiar with the geography of the bible will recognize the name Ephesus and the name Sardis too. Are they in Israel – the holy land? Nope. They are in Turkey. In addition, the Basilica of St. John, the tomb of the Virgin Mary, and many other Christian sites fill Turkey and make this Muslim country one of the most significant places to visit for those interested in biblical travel and tourism.

It’s not just the people of the bible that called Turkey home though. Homer, the famous author of the Odyssey didn’t live in Greece, he lived in Izmir Turkey. In fact many of the famous legends and stories of ancient Greece actually are rooted in the places and geography of Turkey.

The Romans too called Turkey home. Constantinople which is now called Istanbul was named and built by the Roman Emperor Constantine. it was the capital of the Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire. The Romans built magnificent cities and left countless ruins of archeological significance in modern-day Turkey.