The Most Absurd Trip In The World

A Briton, Mark Buaili, will take one of the most absurd trips in the world. Such an unusual feat the strange man is ready to perform it without any costs. The extreme tourist having no money only hopes for the solidarity of those people whom he will meet and who will shelter and will feed him with warm hospitality.

The traveler Mark Buaili, 28 years old, born in Bristol in the west of England, previously an entrepreneur, decided to take an absurd trip during which he won’t use trains, planes, motor ships, and automobiles. The Englishman is ready to make a walking tour, with the extent of 14 500 kilometers, which will begin from his native town of Bristol and will finish in a seaport of Porbandar, in the west of India.

Walking 25 – 75 kilometers per day Mark will cross on foot France, Italy, Eastern Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and hopes to achieve his goal in 2.5 years.

The most important things, which Mark will take, are: a compass, a good knife, a spoon, a medicine chest. He will travel without any cash in hand: he won’t have a bank account, any bank cards or cheques.

The tourist told in an interview on the BBC radio: “I won’t touch any money during my tour. I am starting over new today.”

The traveler calls his tour a pilgrimage, which has a philosophical sense, promoting the old times, when people helped each other without s self-interest and the doors of many houses were never closed. “My mother and father always remember with pride those times when in Ireland people helped each other in harvest and other work, without asking any money” – he told. “But now they are amazed that even neighbors don’t know each other and all doors are always closed. My travel will prove that the society has a chance to come back to the epoch when all people were much kinder, more sociable and more humane”, – added Mark Buaili, who is worrying about the hospitality of Europeans rather than that of Asians.

Travelling For Enjoyment

Traveling is one of the pleasures which people love to do again and again. There must be some reason why people are known as ‘travel geeks’. Since ancient times, traveling was considered as an important part for the exchange of culture for more pleasure and enjoyment. As we stepped into the 21st century there are no more boundaries upon anybody, people are free to go anywhere as per their choice. Person are busy as a bee today and they don’t have any time to care for themselves. Traveling is very necessary to give mind some exotic pleasures and to soothe your soul. People rarely find any enjoyment these days but thanks to god that he created this beautiful earth with such lovely places to travel around. Going for a world tour can be a nice option if you too suffer from the work load, tensions and tremendous work pressure.

There was an interesting case of one person who suddenly felt pain in his chest one day, while climbing the stairs of his office. He immediately went to the doctor to have his check up done. After all the tests were done, the reports came and everything was normal. The question was why did he experienced the pain then? Wondering? Actually the problem was psychological rather than physical. The doctor suggested to spend some days in leisure in some hill stations. He did so and no wonders he got the same zeal and enjoyment as he used to get before while working. So, my dear friends, always remember to spend some free time with your family and friends for your good wealth.

There are so many private companies offering various tours under different packages. You can book your tour to America, Europe, Africa, Asia or any other place just with the click of your mouse and sitting at the comfort of your home. Actually these companies are booking enjoyment for you.

Travel to Turkey and Visit the Ancient World

Turkey isn’t a country that everyone thinks of when they think of Greek and Roman Ruins, but indeed, they should. Turkey is filled with more ruins than either Greece or Italy! In fact the ancient Greeks and Romans both had capitals in Turkey and it also contains some of the most significant biblical remains in the world.

Those who are familiar with the geography of the bible will recognize the name Ephesus and the name Sardis too. Are they in Israel – the holy land? Nope. They are in Turkey. In addition, the Basilica of St. John, the tomb of the Virgin Mary, and many other Christian sites fill Turkey and make this Muslim country one of the most significant places to visit for those interested in biblical travel and tourism.

It’s not just the people of the bible that called Turkey home though. Homer, the famous author of the Odyssey didn’t live in Greece, he lived in Izmir Turkey. In fact many of the famous legends and stories of ancient Greece actually are rooted in the places and geography of Turkey.

The Romans too called Turkey home. Constantinople which is now called Istanbul was named and built by the Roman Emperor Constantine. it was the capital of the Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire. The Romans built magnificent cities and left countless ruins of archeological significance in modern-day Turkey.

Three Ways to Travel Without Traveling

What do you love most about travel? I love the feeling of freedom from my day-to-day routine, freedom from pressures, and mostly freedom from stress! Plus, the adventure of seeing new sights, meeting new people, and immersing myself in another culture.

So how do you get that without actually traveling? My favorite way is to read a great book. It can be an old favorite, or a new adventure, but it has to pull me right in and keep me there so snuggly that I can’t even think about anything else! My whole body says, “Aaahh.” Then I get excited about what’s going to happen next. The atmosphere and adventure of another time and place can work its magic to make me feel I’ve left my own home and flown off to some great new experience.

My most recent favorite book for that type of “travel without travel” is Adventures of a World-Traveling Scientist by Stanley Randolf. Imagine discovering secrets of unusual cultures, weird animal species, new perspectives (like “following your Soul Voice”), and scary moments just around the corner! From China to Rarotonga, I felt very-well-traveled, like an aristocrat from earlier lore.

Then there is foreign film with subtitles in your first language. You may find yourself thinking differently about life after watching something that takes place in another land. But I still prefer the books!

Another way to travel without traveling is through finding new cultures right at home! Or nearby, if you can get to a larger city. Most towns have at least one ethnic restaurant that will not only serve new-to-you food, but will delight you with a unique atmosphere or artwork and music, and possibly even entertainment native to the owner’s original culture.

Still, books are the best to me, because I don’t have to eat the unfamiliar cuisine if it sounds really awful, but I can pretend I’m still open to it. And with a good imagination, books can make you fly away to lands unknown with a joyful freedom of heart and soul!

Imagine yourself where you want to be. The beach in Hawaii? The Taj Majal? The Great Pyramids in Egypt? No matter where you long to go, if you read about it, you will have a greater feeling of being there than with video, though that may help. Simply think about not just how it would look to you, but how it would smell, sound, feel emotionally, and even feel physically when your feet hit the sand, or your hand touches a very old stone. It can become very real and truly turn into a “mini-vacation.